January 2017-  2 for 1 offer!

This offer is open to all EXCEPT those getting 'student' or 'veteran' discounts. Pay for your regular class and bring a student NEW to IPYC along for the ENTIRE session for FREE. Now, if you want to split the fee up with your friend, why that's up to you!


If you are new to IPYC you can bring a friend, the same deal is good for you. One of you pay the fee for the session starting January ($140) and bring along a friend. Or you split the fee and come for half price each. Anyway it goes it is a win-win for trying out classes at a world class yoga center.


Important note: If you are spliting fees, that is between you and your friend. The first person who attends class on a split up fee pays the whole session fee.  IPYC is not responsible for monitoring transactions between friends.